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Naked Foods-Jungle Juices, is a 100% organic food and juice production in beautiful Guanacaste, Playa Guiones-Nosara, Costa Rica.  We love to share with you the amazing flavors and healing forces of raw vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, and seaweeds. What makes Jungle Juices so magical is that all the veggies, fruits, and leaves are all hydraulically pressed between 2 steel plates.  This pressing action does not heat or oxidize the produce. The result is a nutritionally packed, live juice that is loaded with enzymes, vitamins, trace minerals, and other vital elements.  All juices are non-pasteurized, live and with proper refrigeration will maintain their nutritional stability and flavor for 72 hours after being pressed.

All fruits and veggies are 100% organic, unless otherwise noted* Prices are in local Costa Rican Colones.

Fresh Pressed Organic Jungle Juices 16 oz
Citrus Fresh Organic……..3000
Orange, pineapple, passion fruit, lemon, turmeric, ginger
Naranja, pina, maracuya, curcuma y gengibre
Pina Colada Organic……..2500
Pineapple Juice, coconut wáter / Jugo de pina y agua de coco
Pipa Fria Organic……..2000
Pure coconut wáter / Puro agua de pina
Risa Verde Organic ……..3000
Celery, cucumber, pineapple, parsley, turmeric, lime, ginger
Apio, pepino, pina, perejil, curcuma, limon y gengibre
Sandia Alegria……..2500
Pure watermelon juice / Puro jugo de sandia
Pura verde Organic……..3500     
Parsley, lime, cucumber, ginger, kale, spinach and apple
Perejil, limon, pepino, gengibre, kale, espinaca y manzana
Coconut Kefir…….. 2500
Young Coconut water Kefir / Kefir de agua pipa tierna
Sweet Beet…….. 3000
Beet, celery, cucumber and pineapple
Remolacha, apio, pepino y pina
Pure apple juice / Puro jugo de manzana
Pure Orange Juice                             2500
Pure Orange juice / Puro jugo de naranja
Master Cleanse Lemonade                2000
Spring water, whole limes, dates, cayenne and honey
Agua de naciente filtrada, limones, datiles, pimienta, cayenne y miel

Los precios de los jugos varian segun el precio de las frutas por su respectiva temporada

Jungle Juice prices may change due to seasonal organic market prices.